Instant pot duo vs Instant pot duo plus

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instant pot duo vs instant pot duo plus
Do you want to know the unique differences between the Instant Pot Duo and the Instant Pot Duo Plus? You have come to the right place. Instant Pot Duo VS the Instant Pot Duo Plus, compared side by side. These two multi-programmable pressure cookers are from the same manufacturer, Instant Pot, so, you will find no earth shaking differences between them. However, you may find that one or the other will suite you more, hence this review. They have some subtle differences that will make you go for one or the other.
The Instant Pot Duo Plus is an improvement on the Instant Pot Duo, with some added features, improved usability and a large attractive blue LCD screen

Similar features of the Duo and Duo Plus

Firstly, let’s look at their similarities and get it over with.

1. They are both multi-programmable pressure cookers.
2. The control type on the control panel is button , not dial.
3. Their pressure cooking time is the same, up to 4 hours.
4. and the number of safety features on both pressure cookers is 10.
5. They both come in sizes of 3 quart, 6 quart and 8 quarts.
6. They are both Alexa compatible.

Different features of the Duo and Duo Plus.

instant pot duo vs instant pot duo plus

Now let’s look at the differences. This is where , I guess, we are most interested. We want to be able to know their differences so that we can choose the most appropriate models for our situations. So here are the differences
1. Even though they are both multi-programmable pressure cookers the Dou Plus is a 9-1 multi use while the Duo is a 7-1 multi-use. So even though they can both be Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Saute/Browning, Yogurt Maker, Steamer & Warmer, the Dou Plus can, in addition be egg cooker and sterilizer. The Egg cooker prepares perfect eggs in minutes and the sterilizer, sterilize , pasteurize milk, and sterilize baby bottles, jars and utensils more conveniently than ever before.
So if you do a lot of egg cooking, cake making and sterilizing, then the Instant Pot Duo Plus could be the pressure cooker you want.
2. The control panels for both pressure cookers are different in terms of display and buttons. The Duo Plus has a new blue LCD screen. It is an improvement from the control panel display of the Instant Pot Duo. Makes it easier to see how the cooker is progressing. There are recorded complaints from customers about the Instant Pot Duo display. Specifically, that, it cannot be seen from a distance. I guess, hence the improvement. So if you cannot see very well from a short distance, you should buy the Instant Pot Duo Plus.
instant pot duo vs instant potduo plus
3. The accessories for these two pressure cookers are slightly different. They are steam rack with handles, recipe booklet, serving spoon, soup spoon, and measuring cup. But the Instant Pot Duo has additional rice paddle and condensation collector.

Unique Features.

The Instant Duo Plus has this Quick Adjustment Feature. You can make adjustments to the settings even after the cooking has started. This is very important feature indeed.


The prices of these two instant pot are quite different. The price of the Duo Plus, as would be expected, is slightly more than the Duo. See below for the exact prices for the 6 quart and 8 quart.

Comparison Table.

Pot size Smart built in programsHeating element powervoltagedisplayPreset temp.Control typeCooking timesafety
Instant Pot Duo8 quart141200W120V 60HZLED12ButtonUp to 4 hours10 safety features
Instant Pot Duo Plus8 quart151200W120V 60HZLCD13ButtonUp to 4 hours10 safety features

Conclusion and Verdict.

The two Instant Pot pressure cookers will do almost the same thing. Will perform almost in the same way. So if I am to pick or purchase one over the other, the overriding factor will be if I will be using those two buttons that differentiate them, a lot of times. Thinking about the Instant Pot Duo plus, I will still purchase it even if I’m not into cake making, because, as they say, who knows when this feature will come in handy. Also if I can afford the price for the Instant Pot Duo Plus, I will go for it.
Don’t forget that there is also the issue of size. Should you go for 3 quart, 6 quart or 8 quart size of the Instant Pot Duo or Duo Plus.
In either case the 8 quart is better. For the following reasons.

1. You can double recipes
2. Feed more than enough people
3. Have leftovers
4. Feed a small number of people too.
5. A large pressure cooker accommodates & works wonderfully with large, medium, & small recipes.

However the 8 quarts occupies more counter space.

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